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  • Washington City Paper Love!

    The CityPaper of Washington, DC gave me some praise from the Artomatic 2012 show. Stating that out of 1,000 artist, actually about 1,500, that yours truly is in the Top Ten to NOT MISS. As they couldn't really pick 10 artist as the best. How could you measure that? Regardless, I'm very pleased... Here is a link to the article, and a summary.


    Artomatic: Some Early Reactions:

    Barnstorming through Artomatic, it’s easier to react than reflect. This year’s artist headcount is more than 1,000, which means a two-hour dash through the 10 floors of artwork gives you about five seconds per artist—an overestimation that does not factor in the time to move between rooms, move between floors, or get lost. That estimate also leaves no time to reflect on a single artwork.

    The notion of creating a top 10 is a little preposterous, akin to flipping through a survey of art history text and picking out the top 10 artists of all time. That’s not what this post is. These are merely a few works (10) for which I urge you to keep an eye out. Artomatic runs through June 23 at 1851 S. Bell Street, Crystal City.
    #6 – Jason C. Yen’s meticulous collages and constructions are often humorous, and at times create visual puns.

    from the Washington CityPaper Arts Desk Editor, John Anderson.
    May 21, 2012.

  • H Street Festival 2011

    Hey! Look out for my booth with Gallery O on H. Discounted works will be available. The H Street Festival is on Sept. 17th, 2011; from 12pm-7pm. I will be located near 13th and H Streets NE, Washington DC.

  • OCT 14, 2010 – W E L C O M E !

    Thanks for visiting my site. Design section coming soon.
    Please contact me if you would like to purchase a piece of art.
    Purchases can be completed through PayPal.
    Thanks and Enjoy!

  • OCT 12 – HELLO!

    Right now this IS the news!
    just trying to create a site...